N’omades Authentic emerged in 1989 from Evelyne and Marc Viladrich’s desire

to introduce unknown and exotic items into our occidental lifestyles.

With this name they expressed their need for rituals and exploration,

and the will to stride along undiscovered paths.


Throughout many years exhibiting in the Parisian show Maison & Objet,

Evelyne and Marc brought a multitude of unexpected wonders to the public: 

Roots and lianas found in Amazonian forests, somalian incenses and australian sands,

handcrafted kirghiz rugs and may other marvels.


In 1997, they opened Atelier N’O, an atypical shop in Paris

where their fascination for natural elements, cultural items and

handcrafted products became accessible to all.

Eleven years later they ceased their activities in Paris to settle in

the south of France where they opened their showroom near Montpellier.


Today they work with their sons, and develop refined

and elegant products together, enabling people to bring

their own fascinations to light and create unique atmospheres.

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